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Glory to you, Saint Expedite!


Dear Saint Expedite, thank you for replying to my intercession and answering my prayers. You have never disappointed! Thank you! Glory to you, Saint Expedite! Amen

St Expedite


Thank you St Expedite for answering my prayer this weekend. I know you are always near and I can turn to you. Forever grateful.

Thanks to St Expedite


Thank you St Expedite for having helped with SDB

Thanks to Saint Expedite


Dearest Saint Expedite - thank you so much for hearing my prayers and keeping my son happy I’m his transition to university! Please hear my prayers and help him make friends and adjust to classes and pleas continue to support his emotional health 🙏

St Expeditus Thank you!


Thank you St Expeditus for your immediate answer, I received the communication I needed this Morning.

Documentation received


Glory to you st expedite through God our heavenly father thanks for the speedy answer not even 4 hours and its in hodie hodie hodie

Thank you Saint Expedite!

Ojorumi E

Thank you for granting my request for me to pay my rent on time. I’m truly grateful that you’re in my life. Glory to you, Saint Expedite!



I fell so stressed people are taking advantage .

Thank you Saint Expedite!


Saint Expedite, I wanted to make a public recognition of thanks for answering and finding the best and quick solution at this time for my request for my father in law. You are AWESOME ! I am so grateful and so appreciative for you answering my request. God bless you Saint Expedite!

Answere petion of legal documentation


Dear st expedite as promised i honor your name for the speedy outcome of my request may your power be known to all whom wish to have their problems solve all glory and honor through christ and through God our heavenly father .Hodie hodie hodie

Answered petition


St jude blessed apostle i thank you for delivering my petition of legal documentation process

Thank you for favour received


St Expedite

Thank you!!


Not enough words. Thank You VERY much for beautiful results. Thank You VERY much for answered prayers. THANK YOU!!

St. Expedite

Lori Torres

St. Expedite, i am so greatful for your help and intercession. You helped move along a situation that was stuck helping me and my family with our need. You worked so quickly and with ease. I am beyond greatful .

New job


Thank you Saint Expedite for promptly helping receive a new job offer one day after calling upon you for help. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Thank you St. Expedite


I am so grateful, st. Expedite, for your help and intercession in the quick and timely closey of our home. You always come it times of need.

Thank You St. Expedite!


Thank You St. Expedite, for granting what I asked of you in a speedy manner. I am grateful and thanking you for your help!

Thank You Saint Expedite!


Dear and loved Saint Expedite,
Thank you for your immediate help and assistance so we could be able to complete the commercial transactions we needed as a family. Thank you for your intercession, protection and support!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

St Expedite - thank you!


St Expedite - thank you so much for coming through so quickly for our family by helping my husband to get his old job back within a matter of days of the opening being posted! He said it was the quickest job application to job offer process that he ever experienced in decades of working. I appreciate you and placed new flowers next to your statue yesterday too. I will make the other offerings later today. Thank you so much - praise be, you are amazing.

Santo Expedito


Muito obrigada por tudo, meu amado Santo Expedito.

A very thank you!!


I would like to say thank you to Saint expedite, St Rita, St Jude, mother Mary, St Anthony, St Teresa The little flower, and all the other saints that have helped me this year I have had some wonderful wonderful outcomes for my novenas through all of my saints and I just want to say thank you and please pray pray sometimes it takes a little time but they do answer you and they do come through and they do love you and they are a big help in times of needs and stress and God bless you and this site it has to help me tremendously.

Thank you Saint Expedite for all your help


Thank you dearest Saint Expedite for continuing to hear my prayers and helping my son find confidence, courage and common sense. Thank you for allowing him to be filled with kindness and happiness. Thank you for hearing my prayer and allowing him to find some social inclusion and interaction. Please continue to protect and bless my son. Amen

Thanks St Expedite


Thank you for the return!

Thank you STExpedite


Thank you St.Expedite!!!!!!

Thank You St Expedite


During my legal ordeal in the last 1 year, I cried out to you, my St Expedite, and you heard my prayers. You never turned your face away from me. You have filled me with gladness. I rejoice from the depths of my being. You have lavished me with your goodness. I am so glad that I waited on you, my St Expedite. You are true to your promise that “those who put their trust in you will never be disappointed”. I have a testimony to tell, and a song to sing. You, St Expedite, has done me well! I love you O St Expedite, for you heard my voice; you heard my cry for mercy. Because you turned your ear to me, I will call on you as long as I live. Thank you St Expedite for hearing and answering my prayers!

Never Fails!

Julie H

Dearest Beloved St Expedite,
My faithful friend. I thank you unreservedly for answering my call.
I thank you profusely for your continued assistance.
Thank you for the financial deliverance that you have provided for me.
I am honoured to have you at my side.
With gratitude and love xx

Never Fails!


Thank you San Expedito for answering my prayer yet again.
Thank you for interceding on my behalf and delivering me in my hour of need.
You are a trusted and faithful friend <3

Yet Again!


Thank you Saint Expedite for answering my call YET AGAIN!
You are phenomenal and great and my faithful friend.
Thank you for the financial deliverance.
May you be blessed always <3

Yet Again San Expedito!


Thank you yet again San Expedito for answering my plea!
May you be blessed forever <3

Thank you San Expedite. You helped me with my court case. Everything turned out in my favor. As a result, my family will benefit for years to come. I am forever thankful. Lord, our God and Father, you allow us to invoke St. Expedite as intercessor, especially in cases that we consider urgent; I pray that you hear my plea. Help me to overcome this difficult time; Protect me from anything that might harm me; Help my family and friends. Give us peace, tranquility and grace. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Johanna P

Lord, our God and Father,
you allow us to invoke St. Expedite
as intercessor, especially in cases that we consider urgent;
I pray that you hear my plea.
Help me to overcome this difficult time;
Protect me from anything that might harm me;
Help my family and friends.
Give us peace, tranquility and grace.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thank you St. Expedite


Thank you so much for all your blessings and help! I am very grateful for your immediate assistance and answers to my prayers.

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini Hears and Answers Prayers


Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini (AKA Mother Cabrini)
You have heard my prayers at your shrine, and you have answered my prayers quickly and directly each time....sometimes within minutes! Thank you for the blessings you have brought in the last month. I made a donation to the shrine and also at this site in your honor. God Bless You. I know you are still working on a few of my other prayers, but I have no doubt you will answer soon.



Muito obrigada, querido Santo Expedito! Mais uma vez o Senhor veio me socorrer!

St. Martha Dominates Again


Glorious St. Martha,
I am so thankful I now have a public forum in which I can post a tribute. You truly hear and answer my prayers, and dominate every situation I pray about. If anyone doubts you, then they need to pray the Nine Tuesdays of St. Martha. God Bless You, and thank you for all favors granted over many years.

St. Anthony

Samuel W J

Almost always helps me with finding lost items.
(As if he knows where to look for...) they re-appear in places after a while.

Thank you


Dear St Expedite,
Thank you for your blessing, please continue to blessed me and help me get the job, and pay off all my debts.

Thank you Saint Expedite

Hande B

Dearest Saint Expedite - thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to hear and answer my prayers. Thank you for your latest support of my husband and making his speech a success! Grateful!

Thank you!


Mommy has been feeling so much better. THANK YOU! Pain has subsided. Days now she is feeling better and smiling big. THANK YOU. Let all the beauty in all ways continue. She deserves it. THANK YOU!



So VERY grateful. I thank you with ALL my heart. THANK YOU!

Thank you Saint Expedite

Iliana L

I am grateful to you Saint Expedite for not just answering my prayer but also for bringing calm in the dire situation I was in the past month.

May you continue to bring blessings to all that petition your assistance.