Saint Cecilia

Saint Cecilia

November 22nd — Feast Day

Liturgical Color: Red

Patron Saint of Music and Musicians

The first Eucharistic Prayer (Roman Canon) is primarily a liturgical text. It was originally written by Pope St. Gregory and has huge significance historically.

The names of the saints present in the Roman Canon include Saint Cecilia who lived in the third century. Cecilia’ s name was present but do not know quite why she was included. 

Cecilia was probably martyred by slashes across her neck after attempts to boil her to death failed. She was buried near the papal crypt in St. Callixtus’ catacombs. Eventually, Cecilia’s body was transferred in the early 800s from the catacombs to her own basilica. During restoration of the Basilica in 1598, Cecilia’ s body was revealed, and it was found that she did not decay. Before she was to be fully exposed to the outside air which would cause her skin to fall apart, an artist carefully recorded what he saw of her remains. He’s created a sculpture of Saint Cecilia that is renowned for its beauty and mystery. The statue was made of white marble to reflect her purity. Her face and hair are covered by a cloth, inviting one to ponder her mystery. Her neck shows the cuts she sustained. The sculptor’s personal testimony is embedded in the floor near his work: “Behold the body of the Most Holy Virgin, Cecilia, whom I myself saw lying uncorrupt in her tomb. I have in this marble expressed for thee the same saint in the very same posture and body.” 

She is the patron saint of music and musicians, and her feast day is November 22nd.

Pray to Saint Cecilia

Saint Cecilia, you died an early death, preserving your virginity and choosing Christ over all others. Be an example to all youth of the true goal of their lives. Help them to seek God first and the good and holy pleasures of life only after Him.

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My grandchildren keep them safe always help my Henry get well


St.Christopher pray for me
My work and financial status

Happy Feast Day


Dear St Christopher

As your feast day falls on my birthday. I ask you to always protect me and carry me through the storms of life. Thank you for always protecting me. Lots of love. I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen

Let Music Bring Love and Healing


I know that it is no coincidence that today is your feast day. Please let music be a bridge to healing and love with Matt, Marc and Mike. Intercede for me
today glorious saint.
I will compose a piece in your honor.
God Bless You.



Dear guide on the safe side
And protect me at the precise moment
And smooth all difficulties