Saint Anthony of The Desert

Saint Anthony of the Desert

January 17th — Feast Day

Liturgical Color: White

Patron Saint of butchers, skin diseases, gravediggers, and swine

St. Anthony is a Christian saint and hermit who lived in the Egyptian desert during the fourth century A.D. He was born around 251 A.D. to a wealthy family in Egypt.

Though he was born rich, Anthony began to feel that there was something more important than worldly pleasures when he attended Mass. He heeded his divine calling to sell worldly possessions and follow God; thus, he decided to pursue an ascetic lifestyle as a hermit in the desert. He sold everything he had and sought to pursue God for the rest of his life.

In his life, he was a very devout believer and practiced abstinence and self-denial as a way of serving God. He would go into the desert and find sick or injured animals, and he would heal them through prayer and gathering fresh water and food. Due to his lifestyle, Saint Anthony of the Desert is regarded as the “Father of Monasticism.” He departed in the year 356 at 105 years old.

Saint Anthony Prayer 

St. Anthony, we ask your intercession to help us cling to God alone. Help us to strip ourselves of those needs and concerns which stuff our lives from morning to night. Help us not to be distracted from the one thing, the only thing, the last thing, God Himself.

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Re - prayer needed for My Mother - Sundari


I am frm Mumbai,-India My above mother- Sundari (age 72) is suffering from a kind of eye disease – known as Dry Eyes, in which there is lot of irritation in both of the eyes. She feels as if lot of mud particles r inside her eyes causing her irritation (actually there is no mud, but she feels like that )

she has undergone treatment of few eye specialist But she is not geting any relief.
My mother is emotionally disturbed & hopeless

Please kindly pray for my mother’s complete healing of her eye trouble

My Children ❤️🕊

Marie V

Dear St . Anthony,

Thank you for all you do for us. Please return the following to me immediately today before tomorrow; my children living with me. Thank you!

Pastor Steve


Pray for Pastor Steve in USA to meet his Godly wife and be blessed with marriage.AMEN.