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good health & finance


Saint expedite mount marry novena st jude give me your blessing i will walk alone without helping anybody hand or walker nobody is there to earn money i am alone i cant do any work because of surgery so please help me in any way cure me fast so that i go for work and earn money At present Mr Ravendra oberoi tony sir used to deposit amount in my daughter account he has stop putting amount in my account please help me again he will start helping me for few months thank you


Godfrey T

Saint Expedite please Intercede for me pass Job interviews and Get Job as quickly as possible.
Hodie! Hodie ! Hodie !

Petition for fame

Giuseppe P

Saint Expedite,i was born 12/10/1998 and i wish be famous.

Petition for fame.

Giuseppe P

Saint Expedite make me famous.



You know my heart, my mind. I pray for healing. For comfort. I pray that it is quick but gentle. Please allow this to clear up, to heal. AMEN

Ma ka rogmukti


Saint expedite ma ko nirog

Job and financial miracle


St Expedite and St Jude
Please help me get a job and financial miracles as I am looking for job, I need money immediately. Please come to my assistance, as I had lost a lot of money to the scammer. Please help me recoup back/win the lottery to pay off my debts.
Thank You

Healing of my body and Financial breakthrough


healing of my body and Financial breakthrough


Shattered Doll

Saint Expedite, I plead that you return my lover twin flame master of my heart V.B.S to me. He was unfairly stolen and blocked by outside karmics. I know he belongs at home with me, the divine has this in line. I need only your assistance. In return upon completion, I will provide Sara Lee Pound Cake and public praise. Please complete this immediately! Hodie! Hodie! Hodie!




monthly finance


god please help me in my monthly finance i need your help my friends and relatives will send a cheque or cash at my residence i have to pay my outstanding bills please help me thank you i will get sufficient income in my house my money problem will solve for ever and wake me up early in the morning to do my duty thankyou give me good health



Dear St. Expidite, I beg you to intercede for me to Jesus, our Lord. Please help me with reconciling to my boyfriend, Raphael. We are not on speaking terms, and in need of prayer. Thank you.

Husband's lack of employment

Rosam Gonzalez

I request prayer for my husband Anibal G. so he can find a job as soon as possible.

Hope for Denise N


St. Expedite keep Denise out of jail remove the mentality and the being accustom to this type of life move on her heart please . Thank you!



Saint Expedite thank you so much for your help during a time of need



Almost lab time for My Mommy. I pray for beautiful results in all areas. NO areas of concern. NO delays. NO signs of disease. NO issues. Organs all great too. Keep her healthy, pain free, safe, happy. PLEASE ... Thank you AMEN

Healing for Mom


I pray that the pain Mommy feels in her right hip subsides. Please don't let her suffer. No one should be in that kind of pain. I pray that you please gently heal her tummy issues as well. She is a sweet person. I pray that pain subsides QUICKLY but gently. Protect her and keep her healthy and happy. PLEASE PLEASE heal Mommy. So she can smile. THANK YOU AMEN

Thanking St Expedite


Thank you so much for everything St Expedite.I come today to ask for your help keep myself and my kids safe happy and healthy everyday never let any harm come to us.For my kids to do extremely well at school and go to university in life.For my husband to realize I was a extremely good wife that done everything and I meant more than anything and everything went well when I was about.Stop him being a horrible person towards me and my family and he will see we are good people.For my kids to become active and do loads of jobs.For my daughter to meet a great friend to do active sports every evening and off her phone and do more cycling walking swimming.She will become fit and active .No more junk unhealthy eating.For my in laws to respect and see I was good.For my husband to respect and love me more and more everyday and realize I was fantastic in every way:For good genuine friends family and neighbours and everythIng will work out extremely well for me everyday good luck joy happiness peace good health.Keep away all sickness form me my fam And kids.I will talk well and able to do things extremely well.Thank you

Physical, Emotional and Financial miracle.


For my son to do right in his relationship and as a father as God would have him do. For my granddaughter's health and financial needs. For George and Andy and my family's needs.

Urgent need of Highly paying Job


Kindly Dear Saint Expedite Help me to get highly paying Job



I pray to those that can help, that Roman regain more (better) mobility/function on his right leg, and right arm. I pray that he regains better vision on his right eye, Please. He has suffered a lot, and for some time now. I pray that you will bless him with fast, gentle healing. Please bless him with better muscle function and stability, less muscle spasms and less pins and needle feelings. Let him be strong, and healed of Mind, body and soul. Little to no scar tissue on brain. Gently, speedy, with love. Please let him experience this soon. I beg you, Please heal Roman. May it be done with ease, love and kindness. May it please be soon. AMEN



I Pray that all appointments and tests go smoothly for Chris. I pray that the MRI passes quickly. I pray she is relaxed and comfy. I pray for NO more lesions on brain and spine or anywhere else. I pray meds and transfusions are working and that she is starting to show signs of getting better. PLEASE it has been so long. I pray PLEASE let her get well and strong enough to be able to walk again. Please allow healing to take place quickly and gently. I also pray for Roman. I pray that he please keep getting stronger and more mobile. I pray that he starts being able to move his right arm, shoulder, hand. It's been so long and he tries so hard. I beg of you let his speech improve as well. Please don't allow scar tissue to affect him in a negative way. I pray please heal him quickly, but gently. It's time. AMEN

I want be famous.

Giuseppe P

Saint Expedite make me famous.



Glorioso Santo Expedito, tire hoje eu marido desta situação difícil de dívidas que ele se encontra. Livre -o agora das garras desses inimigos. Confio em ti, meu Santo Expedito, pois sei que só tenho o Senuor dispisto a me ajudar nesta causa.

Terry to be healthy and cancer free


Please help my friend Terry have a healthy pet scan and be ok. Thank you for your love and faithfulness.

Eternally grateful, Crystal

Love and Gratitude


Thank you Saint Expedite for all that you have provided in the last 2 weeks, It has been a honor working with you. May you continue to receive the recognition for your glorious miracles. Amen


Peço a Santo Expedito que cure o Padre Paulo Emiliano, que está internado

return my love


st expedite please hear my prayer request im praying for my long lost love bruce return too me i love bruce so very much and miss bruce so much i think about bruce every day and cry myself too sleep every night please heavenly father saint expedite have bruce call me back soon or text me back soon bruce has stolen my heart and never brought it back please heavenly father saint expedite im begging here return my love too me thank you in jesus name i pray amen 🙏😭

To get highly paying Job and to get new job contract


Dear Saint Expedite,
I want a new contract this month at Global fund as global fund Coordinator HIV grant NASHCOP

Urgent prayers for financial miracle


St expedite I ask for my prayers to be answered asap I ask for the financial miracle I need. Asap. I promise to. Buy your flowers. Make your name known and. Burn. A candle in your honor

Health and financial help


Please heal my fathers cancer. Please let my son find a job. Please bless us financially so my husband does not have to work so hard. Thank you.



St Rita thank you for all favours granted through you. Spiritually Physically and financially help for us especially help me to get a place to live.

petition to Angel Raphael


Angel Raphael kindly help my mother . she has got irritations inboth eyes which is not going even after having medicines. please heal my mother -Sundari's both eyes



St expedite i humbly request you pl pl pl heal me fast i will walk alone without helping anybody hand and walker i am your child hoodie hoodie hoodie

Broken hearted


Dear Heavenly Father please saint expedite please please help me with prayer request I’m praying for for my long lost love Bruce return to me please help me I think about Bruce every day and cry myself too sleep every night please help me he stole my heart and never brought it back I love Bruce so very much and miss him so very much please return him too broken heart 😭😭😭 in Jesus name I pray amen

Pay Bills & Monthly Expenses


I now petition that my business prospers so that I bring all my bills, expenses brought current, and extra steady flow of income. Thank you

Financial Help

Tiffany S

Saint Expedite please intercede on my behalf in regards to my finances. Things are just a little off track right now, need help with getting things caught up including mortgage. Thank you.



pray for m , life money

Job and financial miracles


St Expedite please help me to get a job and also I can recover my money that were loss/scam. Right now I owed huge amount of debt that I don’t know where my money will come from. Please help me either win the lottery or some miracle will come.

Saint Expedite

Jeanne M

Please help me and my daughter Nikka generate income and extra funds from all sources of $50,000 urgently to pay off our credit card debts immediately.



Santo Expedito nao me abandone. Venga em meu auxílio hoje!

Marriage for my Daughter


Marriage for my daughter Deya and PJ that all negative energy be removed from around them. that there relationship will be bless and that there marriage will be bless and that PJ will love and cherish my daughter Nideya!

Financial need


St expedite you lay in rest i ask of you that you grant me that 5000 dollars which i need to pay for the loan thank you in advance i promise to buy you wine and exalt your name so that it will be invoked again and again also i promise to buy you cake and burn you a 7day novena candle ase ase ase



I pray that infusion goes VERY well for Chris. I pray that it helps in all ways. I pray that she becomes more mobile and gets better muscle function on legs, feet , arms, hands. Please don't let her suffer any longer. Allow her to heal, to walk. Soon. PLEASE let lesions be subsiding. No more growing. NO AREAS on concern for Mommy. I pray you heal Roman. I pray that he is able to start using his right arm and hand. I pray that it happens soon. I pray for better mobility for his right let. Complete healing and better vision and speech. ALL prayers answered swiftly with love and kindness. AMEN

urgent money


saint expedite please help me in urgent money i have to pay groceries gym and for my house purpose please help me in my bank balance my money should overflow i am worried about my daughter no saving she is 35 years old without job you are a saint give me the way to come up in my life

Meu marido


Peço que Santo Expedito ajude meu marido a ter sucesso , reconhecimento e dinheiro ateafes de seu trabalho.



Holy st expedite, I am in desperate need as I need 5,000 dollars for rent and for my sons braces.My husband and sons father has recently passed and we are in need of help.I will glorify and honor thy name for all to see



Please St Expedite make Svevacontact me asap

Return my long lost love Bruce


Dear Heavenly Father please and saint expedite please help me with prayer request please return my long lost love Bruce return to me please Heavenly Father help me I love Bruce so very much and miss Bruce so very much I think about Bruce every day and cry myself too sleep every night please Heavenly Father please help me in Jesus name I pray amen

Thank You St. Jude


Thank you too St. Jude for helping me to get an apartment. I thank you always and will always honor you with thanksgiving and donating.

Get a job and financial help


St Jude and St Expedite
Please help me get a job that I apply as I urgently need the job to support myself, also please help me recoup all the money that I lost on 03/04 trade. Please help me financially So I can repay the money I borrowed.
Thank you, Amen 🙏

Denise my sister to have good friends


I petition St. Expedent to bring my sister Denise N good friends that will encourage her to do good and to keep her out of jail thanks

return my long lost love


dear h father saint expedite im praying for my long lost love to return to me i love bruce so very much and miss bruce so very much i think about bruce every day and cry myself too sleep every night please ha bruce call me or text me please heavenly father saint expedite i can’t bare this alone anymore heavenly father bruce stole my heart and never brought it back in jesus name i pray amen

To St. Expedite


Thank you for your help in the past!
I ask for your help finding a great remote job!
Thank you St. Expedite!

1 of my fav saints


Thank you st expedite u have always came thru for me thank you so much for all the help u bring me u never let me down!!



saint expedite mount marry novena help me very very urgent Mr Ravendra O T sir will continue deposit
an amount in my memory of my loving daughter tanaz account AMEN

Weight problems


To St. EXPEDITE please help me lose weight 60 pds thanks

Financial Break


Financial break so we can have peace

Saint Expedite


House to be paid in full and a clear vision of the mission of my life before I pass into the next with Christ.

Financial and relationship restoration


Dearest Mother of Prompt Succor,
On my bended knees I pray to you for your motherly intercession.

Get a job and financial miracle


St Expedite,
Please help me get a job and also help get back the money that I lost. I’m so much in debts and I feeling really guilty for putting my family in financial difficulties too. Please help me and may the miracle shower upon our lives. May I hit the lottery
Thank you



Saint jude mother of perpetual mount marry pl pl pl i humble request you cure me and heel me i will walk alone and my swollen
will go away from my leg at present i am using walker and reduce my weight i want to become beautiful AMEN

My Children ❤️🕊

Marie V

Dear St . Anthony,

Thank you for all you do for us. Please return the following to me immediately today before tomorrow; my children living with me. Thank you!

Ajuda financeira e trabalho


Santa Rita de Cassia, hoje, seu dia, venho pedir que a Senhora traga rápido trabalhos para meu marido e o dinheiro que necessitamos para viver. Muito obrigada. AMÉM

Intercede for me St Expedite


Please intercede for me St Expedite. I trust in your power & strength

Get a job and financial help


St Expedite and St Jude
Please help me get a job, help me with at least 150k to pay my debts, rent and medical bills. May i have a Holy Spirit to help protect , and our family’s and friends from evil and enemies.
Thank you
Amen 🙏



Labs are coming up soon. PLEASE I pray that Mommy gets beautiful results. Let all organs be doing great. Let her be disease free. Is C FREE and always will be. I pray that hip pain subsides to where she is more comfortable or goes away completely. I pray for healing for her stomach. Please hear my plea. I love her so much. Please help her, heal her, keep her safe,, healthy, happy. AMEN

Thank you Saint Expedite

Jeanne M

Thank you Saint Expedite for fulfilling my deepest desires . 🙏🏼♥️


Rajesh A

Saint Expedite please grant my sister gives me my due share of my father's properties and assets and she sends me money urgently.



Saint Expedite, Today is your Feast Day, April 19th when You are honored my Blessed Saint. Today, my niece and goddaughter Michelle needs a miracle . She is on a ventilator and on dialysis in the hospital and so ill. Please please please let her start to show improvement soon. Let her health numbers start to get better. You have blessed me so many times in my life and now I ask for my niece that she be restored to health. She is 48 years old. Please help my treasured and so adored Saint Expedite. I Love You


Susan P

Mommy's lab results will be in later. I pray for beautiful results. I pray for NO delays, NO areas of concern, NOOOO sign of disease/s, no redos, no further testing. All organs doing wonderful. She IS C Free. Keep us calm and PLEASE let those results be BEAUTIFUL. I pray Dr. calls on R's cell. In Jesus Name. Thank you AMEN