Can Saints Really Help Me?

Most religions believe in an afterlife. In fact, it is a core concept. In many of these religious systems, there is this perceptions that once a person passes on, there really is no way to maintain connection with them or to ask them for assistance. However, this could not be further from the truth. Accounts from all around the world have shown that those who have departed do, indeed, still inform the living. We see this very strongly in the veneration of Saints. People have been praying to Saints for nearly 2000 years, if not longer in the western tradition. These prayers are a way of recognizing the ongoing communion between our world and those who have passed on.

When we encounter any difficulty in life, what do many of us do? We ask people we know to pray for us. The same concept applies to Saints. We entreat them for their prayers. We know well that the divine hears the prayer not only the ones we pray, but of the Saints too. When you pray to a Saint, you aren’t worshiping them, but rather, you are asking for their intercession.

Many Saints have gone through various hardships in their lives and through these hardships, and their devotion to the Divine, they are granted certain graces and abilities. These abilities are gifts, and these gifts, over time become what the Saint is most known for. For example, Saint Expedite is used mostly for urgent financial issues, Saint Jude is often called upon when a person faces a cause that seems hopeless. There are truly countless other examples. These Saints intercede on our behalf, using their gifts to help us.

The question still remains. Can Saints Really Help Me? The answer is yes. If you do even a cursory look online, you will find MILLIONS of people describing how Saints have helped them. They cant all be making that up. I would understand if 100 people claimed a miracle from a Saint, then you could be skeptical. But, we are talking about MILLIONS of people across the globe. Surely, they cant all be making it up. In addition, Saint veneration has been taking place for a very long time. There is something to this.

There is NO RISK involved in asking a Saint to intercede on your behalf. You do not need to be of any specific religious belief. I know Hindus who pray to Mary and she listens to them. I know Jewish people who pray to Saint Anthony and he responds. I know many Occultist who prayer to Archangel Michael and he heeds their pleas. Devotion to Saints is truly universal.

Saints can help you. All you have to do is ask.

Will you ask?

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