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This Site Will Help You Build A Relationship With The Saints

This site, named after the famous book, LIVES OF THE SAINTS, aspires to be a resource for the Saints of the Western tradition. From Catholic Saints, Christian Orthodox Saints to Folk Saints of all kinds.

The Founder, B. Kadmon has been a lifelong student of spirituality and Occult Mysteries and has always had a strong connection with the Saints. His experiences with the saints and other modalities have helped him to understand and live his own spirituality and help countless others all over the world find their connection to spirit.

Through this site, he hopes to bring more awareness to Saint devotion and prayer and make it accessible to all people, especially those who may have some resistance to it. This site contains valuable information regarding Devotion to the Saints. This site will also be a safe place for people to leave tributes and petitions to the Saints. May this site serve you.
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